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Friday Flotsam

September 17, 2010

1. Rue, the latest entry in the online decor magazine category and the brainchild of Crytsal Gentilello and Anne Sage, launched this week.  Does it rock my socks? In a word, yes.  Props to Bri Emery for the layout.

2. All hail Anthology, a brave new lifestyle quarterly PRINT magazine.  That’s right, printed.  Ink on paper.  I subscribed.

3. Last bit of magazine news: Lonny completely revamped its website.  You can still flip through the online magazine, but the redesigned site offers easier access to individual pictures.  There’s a blog, too, and now you can even buy a print copy. Pricey at $34, but it’s also 200 pages (and not 75% ads, either).

4. Bow scarf, $35, via Oh Joy!

5. Pashley Handlebar Bag, $280, via Design*Sponge

6. Slippers, $15, via High Street Market.

7. Baby Halloween costumes (and by costumes they mean hats) are one of the few things I like about Halloween. Via Poppytalk.

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