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{Kurt Ankeny’s painting Clack lived for a brief beautiful moment in our drawing room.}

My apologies to those waiting for a recap of the Art Now Rockport shindig, and to those looking for a post on oh, say, anything!  Just post already!

I’ve been slow to blog, and that isn’t changing any time soon.  There are two reasons: I’m making room for other writing projects, and I need a break from nonstop documenting.

I’m carving out time to work on fiction.  Absent the ability to cram more hours into the day, and given my tendency to sleep eight hours a night, a trickle of blog posts – maybe one a week  – seems the most I can offer right now.  Along with a slower tempo, the blog content may shift, too.  I might dip a toe into writing about whatever book I’m reading at the moment.  Readers, would that interest you?

At the risk of getting too introspective, I’ll throw a little light on the secondary reason, too.  I’m craving some time to absorb, rather than retell.

Take the Art Now Rockport event.  The night crackled with fresh art, new friends, old friends, and warming autumn cocktails.  And yet I didn’t take a single picture!  The next morning I was annoyed for half a second.  Then I realized I’d spent the night talking with people instead of chasing the right shots, and that didn’t seem so bad after all.

Thank goodness The Roving Home recapped the whole thing.  At least some of us weren’t asleep at the wheel.

For some readers, the new molasses pace (understandably) just won’t do. For those who still pop by for a visit, your patience and interest are not lost on me.  With any luck the change in posting frequency will have an inverse relationship to quality.  And if you happen to be one of my many brilliant blogger friends, I’m happy to say I’ll have more time to read your posts.  Hooray!

P.S. Speaking of blogger friends, Tom of The Landmark Files arrived at Art Now bearing the most romantic, tumbling bouquet from his own garden.  There’s a lot of movement and not a whiff of “arrangement.” I couldn’t keep my eyes off them all week.


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