Happy Couples: Prosciutto + Fruit, Bloggers + Potlucks

September 14, 2010

This weekend I had the pleasure of gathering with fellow bloggers at the farmhouse home of Maggie Battista, mastermind of EatBoutique and gracious host to an open-air potluck.

Bloggers flock to potlucks like prosciutto to fruit, which is precisely what I brought.

Where prosciutto is concerned, I sometimes like an element of surprise.  Perhaps because summer is going-going-gone, right now I’m drawn to more traditional treatments: ones that allow the fruit to sing.

A chunk of fresh nectarine, a basil leaf, and a gossamer shawl of prosciutto performs nicely.  If you’re aiming just shy of traditional, try topping fall pears with a smudge of Délice de Bourgogne cheese and two generous rosemary leaves before wrapping in the prosciutto.

Shelby from Lady Gouda rode the cured meat train with me; she brought ever-popular, could-eat-it-everyday fig and prosciutto flat bread, which was as good as any I’ve ever had at Todd English’s Figs.  It is always a treat to see New England’s favorite explorer-historians, Laura and Rob of The Two Palaverers, and meet new friends like Pam of Cave Cibum, Erin of Erin Cooks, and Elle of Kitchen.Seven.Five.  I ran into the lovely and energetic Amy of Just a Waitress on my way out, and wished we’d had more time to chat.  Another regret: missing Dale Cruse’s wine tasting, which was getting underway just as I took my leave.  Dale writes Drinks are On Me, and generously brought his champagne campaign along with him, for which we were all exceedingly appreciative.

Have you had Délice de Bourgogne? It’s the most buttery, indulgent triple crème I’ve come across.  Cape Ann locals can find it at Duckworth Beach Gourmet.

Many thanks to Maggie (and Dale!) for the gracious hosting and introductions.

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Dale Cruse September 15, 2010 at 9:11 am

I assure you it was my pleasure to share Champagne with friends new & old!

Your prosciutto wraps were terrific! The basil was a great contrast!

Delice de Bourgogne? Oh yeah, that’s fantastic stuff!

Looking forward to seeing you again!


Natalie / Fashion Intel September 15, 2010 at 3:52 pm

Absolutely delicious! I cannot wait to make my own. Now I’ve got new blogs to read too.


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